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UPC calls for additional candidate judges before Court of First Instance and Court of Appeal.

With the start date of June 1st now rapidly approaching, the UPC has launched a general call looking for appointable candidates for the posts of both legally and technically qualified judges to be placed on the reserve list. The purpose of this call is to prepare the Court for a scenario in which a rapid uptake of the caseload requires a corresponding increase of appointed UPC judges.

Appointed judges of the Court will be part of a new supranational court and contribute decisively by their judicial work and highest standards of competence to ensure that the UPC becomes a widely respected forum for settling patent disputes in the Contracting Member States of the European Union.

The appointable candidates, placed on the reserve list of the Court, should remain on the list for a maximum period of 6 years, during which time they may be appointed by the Administrative Committee of the UPC. Deadline for application is 21.04.2023.

For more information on the requirements for these posts, including instructions to apply, please refer to the following link:

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